LibrarySearch is the quickest way to begin your search for resources. It simultaneously searches millions of items from multiple academic databases including e-book collections, licensed ejournals, conference proceedings and academic content freely available on the Web.

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A-Z e-resources

A-Z e-resources allow you to find e-resources by name.

Smarter searching

Learning a few basic principles will help you find the information you want from the many online resources, ejournals and databases to which the Library provides access to. 

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Critically evaluating information   

In an era of ‘fake news’ this skill has never been more relevant. It is essential that you don't merely accept what you read at face value.

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Search tools


BrowZine is a great way to browse journals and keep up-to-date with new research in your area of study.  You can create a personal account in order to add your favourite journals to your Bookshelf and save articles to read later. It is not designed for article searching so you should still go to LibrarySearch when you want to search for content.

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LibKey Nomad

This is a browser extension for Google, Edge and Firefox that automatically provides full-text access to content through our Abertay Library subscriptions from anywhere on the web. 

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