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Lean Library is a browser extension for all major browsers that makes it easier to access academic resources courtesy of Abertay Library subscriptions!

The Library currently has trial access to Lean Library - we would really love to hear your feedback on this nifty browser extension.  

When you are off-campus, you can use Lean Library to access full-text journal articles and conference proceedings as well as ebooks, reviews and lots of other online content provided by the Library, without having to go to the Library website or LibrarySearch first.

How to install Lean Library 

Lean Library requires a very simple 'once only' installation process - just a couple of clicks and you're all set!

Just install the 'Lean Library - Library Access' extension in your browser of choice then select 'Abertay University' when prompted.  

Download Lean Library here

Available for: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari (requires MacOS 10.15.0 or later), IE (upon request)

*Please ensure you have the latest version of your browser installed

How to use Lean Library 

The Lean Library extension seamlessly brings our Library resources into your research workflow - wherever you start searching.  It works with our Library systems to identify resources we subscribe to and a pop-up will direct you to the full-text via Abertay authentication.  No more hunting around for the correct institutional log-in option if you've not gone via LibrarySearch.

Lean Library Access

Whether you start searching via Google, Google Scholar or the Library itself, you can easily access our subscriptions in a click or two.  Lean Library will check our Library holdings in order to provide access in the first instance.  If you hit a paywall and we don't provide access via the Library, Lean Library will then search for an alternative legal open access option and direct you to that instead.  If no full-text can be found anywhere, the pop-up will provide you with the option to request it via interlibrary loan (ILL) or to contact the Library.  

As well as detecting article or book access, Lean Library can detect our Library databases too.  If you were to go direct to a third party website, the pop-up will alert you that we have a subscription and direct you to login using our authenticated link - ensuring you access to the content that the Library pays for.

Please contact the Library with any queries or feedback you may have about Lean Library.

**Please note that by installing this browser extension you are agreeing to the terms of use - you should always read these before installing.  Read the privacy policy here.

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