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What is LibrarySearch?

LibrarySearch is our academic search engine; like Google but for scholarly and academic materials!  It is the quick and easy way to search and access our print collections and most of our online content from one simple search box.

What is LibrarySearch searching?

LibrarySearch simultaneously searches millions of items from multiple academic databases including: eBook and online journal article collections, conference proceedings, reports, newspapers, theses & dissertations, reference materials and open access resources, as well as searching all the items that are on the shelves in the Library building.

Why should I use LibrarySearch?

You are expected to use and reference good quality sources that are suitable for inclusion in your coursework at University.  In LibrarySearch you can apply filters to only include peer-reviewed and academic results and you can be sure that all sources searched are of good scholarly quality.  If you just use Google you will have to critically evaluate each item you find in order to ensure they are suitable for academic work; LibrarySearch saves you valuable time by doing the evaluation for you! Academic Libraries pay hundreds of thousands of pounds each year for subscriptions to online journals and eBook collections where original research is published.  This content is not freely available via Google but is what populates the results in LibrarySearch along with our print items.  You will have recommended reading for your subjects and you'll find all of these books, articles, etc. in LibrarySearch.

* We have also chosen to make much of our online subscribed content available via Google Scholar.  You must be recognised as being from Abertay in order to access the full-text via Google Scholar - this happens automatically on-campus (within IP range) but off-campus you need to configure your settings.

What is not included in LibrarySearch?

LibrarySearch can't search all content in some of our more specialist subject resources so the following databases should be accessed directly:

Construction Information Service

CINAHL Plus with Full Text (most journal articles from CINAHL are included in LibrarySearch results but we would advise you search CINAHL directly)

Lexis Library

MarketLine Advantage


It is also worth noting that there is a small amount of EBSCOhost content that is not available via LibrarySearch.  There is about 80-90% coverage of these databases in LibrarySearch so if there's something you can't find, it may be worth going direct to the database and searching there.  

We subscribe to the following EBSCOhost databases: Business Source Complete, CINAHL Plus with Full Text, GreenFILE, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection, and SPORTDiscus

For more details on how to search for your own subject area, see the Subject Guides prepared by your Academic Librarian

Why do I need to sign-in to LibrarySearch?

You should always sign-in (top right) before you start searching.  Sign-in using your Abertay network username and password.  Once signed in you can:

Note: When you click on the LibrarySearch tile from My Abertay you won't need to sign-in again as you have already been authenticated.

Quick Tips

LibrarySearch will often return a huge number of results so always think carefully about the keywords and phrases you use.  To help find what you're looking for try these quick tips:

Refine your results using filters:

On the results screen you'll see various filters on the right hand of the screen under Refine my Results which allow you to limit results by content, subject, publication date, peer-review etc. Click to include or exclude and click Reset filters to remove what you selected if you end up with a very small number of results.

Use Phrase Searching:

If you're looking for a specific phrase, add quotation marks around it so that LibrarySearch will know to search for the words together in the correct order, this will give a smaller number of targeted results. e.g. "fuzzy logic", "global warming" etc. 

Use Advanced Search

You can easily switch between simple and advanced search.  Advanced search allows you to target your search so that you'll get a smaller number of results.  Use the drop-downs to only search within a certain field: title, author, ISBN, ISSN etc.  You can specify whether you want results to only contain your chosen search terms, match them exactly, or start with them.  You can also limit results to a particular year.

Can I save items I find in LibrarySearch?

Of course!  Never lose that crucial article again, just click the green pin icon in the results list and send it to your Saved Items.  You must be signed in before you can save items for later.  You can also choose to email result to yourself or export directly to RefWorks.  

Saved Items Results List

You can access all your saved items by clicking the pink pin icon at the top right of the screen next to your name/sign in:

Saved Items Pin

Where can I get more help with LibrarySearch?

Click the FAQ below for more detailed help and instruction

If you have questions about using LibrarySearch please come along to one of our Library & IT drop-in sessions: Tuesday 11-12, Wednesday 12-1, Thursday 3-4 - held in the Level 2 Training Suite.  If you can't come along to a drop-in, please pop your query in the web form below and we'll get back to you.

If you are getting unexpected results, broken links or error messages within LibrarySearch please use this web form to report the problem - include as much detail as possible so that we can fix the problem ASAP.  It would be really helpful if you could include:

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