Legal databases

Legal content including cases, legislation, and law journals can each be found chiefly from the following two legal databases:

Finding cases

Cases can be searched separately from both Weslaw or Lexis. Select 'Cases' at the top of the screen then search by:

For further guidance, see our video guides:

There is duplication across these databases, but each contain unique content.  Remember to search them both.

Example of a case citation

Law case

Further details on how to cite legal resources can be found in the OSCOLA guide.

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Finding UK legislation

Example of a piece of legislation:

Human Rights Act 1998

Finding UK legislation

Whether using Weslaw or Lexis, choose Legislation at the top of the top of the screen then search by:

  • Name of Act eg human rights act

For further guidance, see our video guides:

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Finding legal journal articles

When you have a reference to an article and you wish to find the full text, search in either Weslaw or Lexis. Some content overlaps between the two databases, so if the full text cannot be found in one, remember to also search the other.

Select Journals at the top of the screen then search by:

Alternatively, if you do not have a reference and you wish to search for journal articles on your topic:

Search tips

Multidisciplinary collections that include law journals

Example of law journal citation

Law Journal

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OSCOLA - for students studying Law

Students Studying Law modules should use OSCOLA referencing. 

Guides to OSCOLA

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