View top scholarly journals using BrowZine! BrowZine is a browsable newsstand of the library’s top journals. Easily discover, read, and monitor the key journals in your field.

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What is BrowZine?

BrowZine is a tool which allows you to easily browse, read, and keep up-to-date with current scholarly journal content on any device.  The desktop version of BrowZine is fully integrated with LibrarySearch to enhance your journal browsing experience and it is also available as a free app.  It works by bringing together high-quality current titles from the Library's journal subscriptions with Open Access titles into a streamlined platform.  You can browse by subject, search by title, view tables of contents, read articles and much more!  You can create a personal account in order to add your favourite journals to your Bookshelf and save articles to read later. 

BrowZine is a great way to browse journals and keep up-to-date with new research in your area of study.  It is not designed for article searching so you should still go to LibrarySearch when you want to search for content.

What are the main features of BrowZine?

  • Browse journals by subject or search by title or ISSN
  • Easily browse current table of contents and back issues of top scholarly journals (as BrowZine is designed for current awareness, content goes back to 2005 on this platform only.  Don't worry, you can still search and read any pre-2005 content via LibrarySearch and the publisher platform)
  • Save your favourite journals to your Bookshelf and save articles for later (*sign up to a free personal account is required to make use of this functionality)
  • Access your favourite journals from a single, streamlined platform on any device and via LibrarySearch
  • Share articles and export citations

How do I access BrowZine?

  • Via LibrarySearch you'll see a 'Browse Journal Contents' link in the results list for any supported journal titles or a 'Browse Articles in this Journal' link from article results for supported titles.  Clicking through will allow you to view the journal directly within BrowZine
  • If you want to use the desktop version of BrowZine you can also use the link from the top menu of LibrarySearch or click the BrowZine tab on the LibrarySearch box on the Library homepage.  There is also a BrowZine link on the Resources A-Z page.
  • Download the free app from the Apple and Amazon App Stores and from Google Play - Download BrowZine here!
  • BrowZine is available for: 
    • iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches with iOS v8.x+
    • Android tablets and smartphones with OS v4.1+
    • Kindle Fire HD tablets
  • Once you've downloaded the app to your device, just search for Abertay University Library from the list of institutions (we're at the top of the list!) then sign in using your Abertay network username and password when prompted.  
  • Note: you can browse, search and read articles via BrowZine just by logging in with your Abertay network credentials.  You only need to set up a *personal account in order to use the custom features such as saving items to My Bookshelf or New Article Alerts.

Staying current with BrowZine

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Help and Support

My Bookshelf and BrowZine account FAQ

BrowZine for iPad and iPhone FAQ

BrowZine for Android FAQ

If you have any issues with BrowZine or would like to know more, please email the Library

*Please read the BrowZine privacy policy carefully before signing up for an account and be aware that your personal data is retained by BrowZine/Third Iron whilst your account is active.  If you do not agree with the terms of use, please do not create a personal account.

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