Books are a great place to start any piece of research.

Some modules are based around key textbooks, whilst others require a wide range of reading. If you're new to a subject area, books are a good starting point for general content before moving your search onto more detailed content such as journal articles.

The search

Your reading list will direct you to key readings, but to search for additional books, use LibrarySearch. You can search by title and/or keywords and/or author depending on what information you have. Always remember to Login to ensure you see full availability.

For example, to search for this book, simply search for study skills handbook:

Cottrell, S. (2019) The study skills handbook. 5th edn. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

 Primo search

Depending on what your search terms are, and your results, you may need to amend your search first before proceeding.  See the search tips for further advice.

Searching: top tips

The results

Take a little time to review your results before selecting the items you want to read. Based on your results:

  • do you need to review your keywords?
  • do you need to review the filters you're using/not using?

Also bear in mind the edition, and its availability in print and/or online:

Which edition?
The shelfmark
Is it available as an ebook?

Ebook FAQs

Why is the book I'm after not available as an ebook?
I've tried to open an ebook, but it won't open. What should I do?
How much can I print/download from an ebook? Can I download the whole book?
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