Welcome to the Environment subject page.  This guide highlights the key resources for your subject area, and the key services and facilities available from the Library.

Getting started

All required reading for your modules should be available from your online reading lists. In addition to prescribed reading, when doing your own research ‘beyond your reading list’, LibrarySearch is a quick and easy way to simultaneously search for academic content across a number of different sources. If you get stuck, contact your Academic Librarian.

Journal collections/databases

The key resources for your subject area are:

  • American Chemical Society 
    Articles in the chemical and related sciences, including the following journals: Energy & FuelsEnvironmental Science & Technology. Select Institutional login and University of Abertay Dundee before logging in with your network username and password. 
  • Construction Information Service 
    Produced by IHS Technical Indexes, this online database provides access to up-to-date technical documents for engineering and construction professionals. Includes many British Standards and Eurocodes. This resource is limited to one user at a time, so please log out when you have finished, and if you don't get in first time, try again later. Not searchable via LibrarySearch.
  • GSE Research 
    Open access articles relating to sustainability.
  • Nature 
    The leading weekly international scientific journal. 
  • Science Direct 
    Full-text articles from more than 2,000 journals, covering all subjects
  • Science Direct Topic Pages  These provide concept definitions and subject overviews for researchers who want to expand their knowledge about scholarly and technical terms. Each synopsis provides a series of short, authoritative, excerpts from highly relevant book chapters written by subject matter experts in the field.
  • SpringerLINK 
    Full-text articles from more than 2,500 journals including Water Resources Management and Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology.
  • Statista A comprehensive statistics platform with access to over 1.5 million data sets from 2015 to 2020 on over 400 industries. For more information and a search tutorial, check this guide..
  • Taylor & Francis Online 
    Access to over 1100 journals including International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management.  
  • Wiley Online Library 
    Access to nearly 1,500 peer-review journals including Environmental Quality Management and Environmental Policy and Governance.


Websites - sources of freely available reports, papers, books etc

Academic Librarian

Your Librarian is Sinéad McGhee. Sinéad can help you find the resources you need for your research, and advise you on how best to reference them.

Email: s.mcghee@abertay.ac.uk

Tel: 01382 308867

Follow the Library on Twitter @AbertayLibrary

Other resources and support

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