Welcome to the Accounting and Finance subject page.  This guide highlights the key resources for your subject area, and the key services and facilities available from the Library.

Your Librarian is Carolyn Mustard. Carolyn can help you find the resources you need for your research, and advise you on how best to reference them.

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Journal collections/databases

The key resources for your subject area are:

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Websites - sources of freely available reports, papers, books etc

Key websites for your subject area include: 

  • CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) Access to a range of useful publications which are free to download.
  • City of London -Research Publications. Free access to a range of publications on financial services, global financial centres and economic development.
  • UK Data Service. Extensive range of key economic and social data, both quantitative and qualitative, spanning many disciplines and them
  • Financial Statistics. Download key financial and monetary statistics from the Office for National Statistics. Includes data on public sector finance, government expenditure and banks and building societies.
  • FRC (Financial Reporting Council). Access to a range of publications. Also includes links to the Accounting Standards Board and Auditing Practice Board
  • ICAS (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland). Information about ICAS. The site also provides access to news and publications in the areas of Accounting and Auditing, Taxation and Business Issues.
  • International Accounting Standards Board. This site provides a list of all International Accounting Standards in force or recently issued. Also useful for finding out about how the standards are used throughout the world.
  • Open Knowledge Repository. World Bank Institutional Repository offering free open access to their research outputs and knowledge products
  • Quandl. Over 7million financial, economic, and social datasets

Evaluate your sources

Remember, when deciding which resources to use for your research, ask yourself the following questions:

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Other resources and support