How to print, copy and scan

Printers in the Library can each print, copy, and scan in colour or black and white, and to A4 or A3 size. Anything sent to print will be held in a secure queue for 24 hours before being deleted from the queue. Charges for printing will only be taken when your job prints. After you have sent your job to print, to collect:

  • tap in to the printer by placing your student card on the card reader
  • press Secure Print
  • check size, colour, number of copies etc before printing. You can also delete any jobs you no longer need
  • select the job(s) you wish to print
  • select Print and Delete - this will print your jobs, then delete them from your queue
  • there is an inbuilt stapler under the card reader
  • remember to log out after you're finished
Make sure you choose all the correct settings before sending it to print. You can easily delete the item from your print queue if it's not correct, but any changes would need to be made before sending it to print again.

Currently, printers can be found on floors 1 and 2 of the Library.

Alternatively, if you are using your own device, you can print to campus printers by emailing your document as an attachment to This will be stored securely in your print queue for 24 hours. 

Print balance

You can view your print balance by tapping your student card on one of the printers in the library. 

Printing and copying costs

You need to purchase credits before you can print or photocopy (there is no charge for scanning). Credits can be purchased online at  by logging in with your network username and password. Payments on your account do not expire until you have left the University.

A4 costs:

Black and White

  • Single-sided: 5p per sheet
  • Double-sided: 8p per sheet


  • Single-sided: 20p per sheet
  • Double-sided: 38p per sheet

A3 costs:

Black and White

  • Single-sided: 10p per sheet
  • Double-sided: 18p per sheet


  • Single-sided: 35p per sheet
  • Double-sided: 68p per sheet

Getting help

If you experience any problems with printing, or the printers seem to be out of paper, either ask at SEZ, or call the number on the posters by the printers.

If you need more advanced printing options:

  • Booklet printing. There is a booklet printer on the Level 1 printer. Ask at SEZ for more information.
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