Posted on 22nd Aug 2018

Library Building: Levels 3 and 4 re-open Monday 3rd September

The Library building refurbishment project is currently in the final stages with the whole building re-opening to students on Monday 3rd September. Levels 3 and 4 will remain closed until this date.

Ongoing works may cause disturbance

Please be aware that there is a lot of activity in the foyer and on Level 2 at the moment. We have in the region of 75,000 books being returned to the Library from remote storage in Perth which equates to many hundreds of crates coming back into the building, being stacked in the foyer and being moved to levels 3 and 4. As a result of this access to the lift is at a premium.

Access to some areas of Level 2 (refurbished in phase I) may also be affected as further improvements are introduced. These include: additional power sockets on desks without PCs, and installation of some cool glassboards in the group study areas, replacing the write-on walls.

Above: a work in progress. Book stock returning to Level 4 (shelf end panels still to be added)

Your suggestions and feedback were listened to!

In direct response to student feedback, much of the work this summer has focused on addressing noise and temperature issues. Seminar rooms A and B are being transformed into two self-contained silent study rooms while the group study rooms now benefit form additional sound baffling that will reduce noise travelling between the rooms and into the quiet study areas on Levels 3 and 4. In addition, the wrought-iron railings at the foyer end of each floor have been replaced with solid glass balustrades designed to help reduce noise travelling from the foyer to the floors above

In addition, all study areas on Levels 3 and 4 will now benefit from improved lighting, bringing them up to the same standard as Levels 1 and 2. The completion of works will enable the heating and temperature controls to be fully commissioned. 

Another popular suggestion from both staff and students was that the newly refurbished Library building should include an Amazon locker. 'Crawford' has now been installed next to the Social Learning Space on Level 1 alongside the vending machines. 'He' has proved to be very popular so far and once term starts again we're sure many more deliveries and returns will be made.

Above: Crawford Amazon Locker on Level 1

Library Services team are moving back

Library Services staff will be moving back into the building w/c 27th August - we're very much looking forward to taking up residence in our refurbished Level 4 office. We'll be very busy next week helping with any finishing touches and tidying those shelves!

Levels 3 and 4 will remain closed until Monday 3rd September and please bear with us over the next week or so as some disruption to Levels 1 and 2 will be inevitable. Not long now!

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