We're working with your module leaders to ensure an online list is available for each of your modules, as required. Each list links to the key resources for that module whether books, ebooks, articles or websites.

How do I find my lists?

Simply log into Blackboard, navigate to your module and check the menu for a link to 'Reading List'.  Not every module will have a set reading list, but if no link exists, and you're unsure, please check with your module leader. 

Alternatively, the ReadingLists tile on MyAbertay will link you directly to My Lists - here you can find all availalbe reading lists for modules you're enrolled on.

What does my list look like?



Some lists will be organised by section eg Essential and Recommended Readings, whilst others will be arranged by Week detailing the items you're expected to read each week.


  • Items can be tagged according to their importance eg Essential - these are the ones to prioritise!
  • Check if the item is available online - look for links 'View online' or 'Check availability'. We have a huge collection of ebooks and online journals!
  • Check any notes or chapter details. Sometimes you'll be directed to only read certain chapters.
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The book I need is out on loan, what do I do?

Essential texts are in high demand; especially so if you're issued with weekly readings, or at key times around assignment due dates. If the book you need is out on loan:
  • Check if we have the ebook. Use LibrarySearch - ebooks will have a link 'Check for online access'.
  • Request a copy - this will reserve a copy of the book. You'll get an email when the book is available to collect from SEZ.
  • Is there an older edition you can use instead? There's often little difference between editions, so for most subjects it's fine to use older editions.
  • Try something else on your reading list. Whilst you're waiting for your Request, read something else from your list.
  • Look for an alternative. Use LibrarySearch to search by keywords around your topic.
Remember: "I couldn't do my assignment 'cos the Library doesn't have the book I need" is not a reason.  Use the options above to get the book you need, or to find an alternative.
  • Plan ahead - check to see what readings you need a few weeks in advance
  • Ebooks sometimes only let 1 person view the book at a time. If you get turned away, try later.

Going beyond your reading list

Remember, every module is different and expectations of what you're expected to read will vary across courses and years of study. Some reading lists are only meant to be a starting point for your studies, whilst others are comprehensive; as you progress through your module, you'll understand more of what's expected of you.

Often, reading lists are just a starting point for your studies ie you'll be expected to read beyond this and find your own literature to support your work, especially so as your progress through your course. LibrarySearch will be the first place you'll go to to search for your own literature - this searches for books, articles, newspapers and more in one quick easy search linking you to the full text (if available), or to the shelfmark of print books available to borrow from the Library. 

More information on using LibrarySearch is available here, or more broadly on Finding Resources.