Staff and students will regularly use copyrighted material such as books, music, films and other works. These can be resources you have purchased, borrowed from the Library or found online. You can copy from these copyrighted sources for your own non-commercial research and private study but there are limits as to how much and what you can copy. The Copyright Guide for Students is written to help students and researchers understand the copyright issues involved in using 3rd party copyright material. Guidance specifically related to teaching and provision of teaching materials can be found on the Copyright Guide for Staff. Separate guidance covering the University’s  Intellectual Property Policy is also available.

Copyright law aims to strike a balance between the rights of the copyright owner to control how their work is used and the rights of re-use, such as 'Fair Dealing'. It does this by providing some useful copyright exceptions that allow copyright material to be copied without infringing copyright, and by the provision of  licences that allow 3rd party copyright material to be used without infringing copyright. The most important Copyright exception for students and researchers is the ‘fair dealing’ exception for copying for non-commercial research and private study.

Copying for non-commercial research and private study
CLA HE Licence

FAQs- General copyright queries

What is copyright and what does it protect?
How long does copyright protection last?
What copyright licences does the university hold?
What is fair dealing?
What are Creative Commons licences and how do they work?
Where can I find images and videos that I can use outwith the normal copyright restrictions?
What are the most common copyright myths?

FAQs - Using copyright material for coursework

Can I include copyright material in my coursework?
I am making a video for my course work. What copyright issues do I need to consider?

FAQs - Copyright and e-theses

Are there any copyright implications that I should consider when making my PhD or MbR thesis available as an e-thesis?
Can I include PDFs of my published articles in my e-thesis?

FAQs - Copyright and Research

Can I use text and data mining for my research at the University?
I am presenting at a conference ? do I need to worry about copyright?
Can I upload and share my articles online using websites such as ResearchGate and
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