This guidance is designed to help academic staff understand the copyright issues related to teaching, and provide guidance on what can and cannot be done if they are to comply with Copyright law and the licences held by the University. Ownership of copyright in materials created by individual members of staff is covered by the Intellectual Property Policy . The use of 3rd party copyright material for private study and non-commercial research can be found on our Copyright guidance for students and researchers

Copyright law aims to strike a balance between the rights of the copyright owner to control how their work is used and the rights of re-use, such as 'Fair Dealing'. It does this by providing some useful exceptions that allows copyright material to be copied - subject to certain limits. There are also a number of licences that allow 3rd party copyright material to be used without infringing copyright. One of the most important licences used in the provision of teaching materials is the CLA HE Licence (Copyright Licensing Agency Higher Education Licence).

CLA HE licence

The CLA HE licence allows the making of multiple copies of 3rd party copyright material for students and allows library staff to offer a CLA scanning service, whereby digital copies of book chapters and journal articles can be made and distributed to students via a secure course collection such as the Leganto reading lists. One important restriction of this licence is that the digital copies can only be made by library staff.

Scans of book chapters or a journal articles that the university does not hold electronically can be requested using the online request form.

If you are a new user, click on 'New User' and complete the registration. (You only need to register the first time you use the service). Use your abertay email address as your username (e.g, Guidance on registering and completing the online form can be found Guide to Using the Online Form . If you prefer, you can still submit your requests by simply emailing the details of the scan (e.g.,module name and code, book title, extract title, year of publication and page range) to your academic librarian. 

Copyright Responsibilities and Take Down Policy

Staff are reminded that they are responsible for ensuring their actions are compliant with UK copyright law and the copyright licences held by the University. Although the University has a responsibility to ensure that staff (and students) are aware of copyright and comply with the law, it remains the responsibility of the person making the copy to ensure they do not infringe copyright. Materials or activities that do not comply with copyright law or the terms of the University's copyright licences will be removed.

If you need further information, please email or contact your academic librarian.

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