Requesting Reading Lists

The Reading Lists Service is the quickest and easiest way to request new books and journal articles for your modules. This is because Library Services are immediately and automatically alerted to any new titles added to lists which we can then purchase or acquire as required.

Requesting books to support research
We can order items for your projects or research wherever you work in the University. Contact Book Orders with the details of the item you wish to request, a full fund code, and e-mail authorisation from a signatory of the fund.

Other Requests
The Library reviews subscriptions to e-journals, specialist databases all other online resources on an annual basis to ensure best possible value for money, and to ensure the resources remain relevant to staff and student requirements. If you have any recommendations for new online resources, please contact your Academic Librarian.

Inspection copies

Many publishers offer free inspection copies of book titles. Please check the relevant publisher’s webpage to find out how to request a copy.

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