Reading lists play a key role for students in directing their self-study, helping them understand the boundaries and key concepts of a module and acquainting them with the leading authorities on a subject. Unless advised to the contrary, students expect that all titles on a reading list will be readily available through the University Library in print and/or online.

Reading Lists Service Level Statement

The Reading Lists Service Level Statement, approved by the University's Learning and Teaching Committee, is designed to ensure that academic and library staff work together to provide a consistent and enhanced approach to the student experience in relation to reading lists.

Supplementary to this, the Purchasing Matrix details the number of texts purchased in relation to its importance, eg essential; the number of students who require the text; each of which in relation to whether an ebook is available. 

Why is Abertay supporting online reading lists?

To improve the student experience
Benefits to students include:

  • Quick and easy to access via MyLearningSpace with all readings in one place
  • Links to all the resources required - particularly useful for online resources
  • Helps students to prioritise reading and plan ahead 

To give teaching staff more autonomy
Benefits to staff include:

  • Create and update your reading lists quickly and easily
  • Organise your lists around the module eg creating sections with weekly readings. Remember, links can be made to books, articles, chapters, websites etc
  • Integrated with MyLearningSpace

To assist the Library with collection management
Benefits to the Library include:

  • Stock reflects what the students require
  • Streamlined process for checking and ordering new stock
  • Informs stock management processes such as weeding

How does it work?

Integrated with MyLearningSpace, Leganto (the reading list software), allows users to easily create and organise reading lists how they choose. For example, reading lists can be organised: by importance eg Essential, Recommended; by topic; or by weekly readings.

Almost any type of resource can be added to a reading list: books, ebooks, journal articles, websites, digitised chapters etc linking the student directly to either the online resource, or live availability of print stock.

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