University regulations require the submission of an electronic copy of the final examined version of all research theses. The final version of the thesis should be deposited in Pure - Abertay's Research Management System. You  can access Pure via the Pure Tile on MyAbertay. The theses will then be made available via Pure on an open access basis on the University's research portal. It is possible to request an embargo on your thesis so that it is not publically available for a specified length of time. More information regarding embargoes can be found below.

For help on how to deposit your PhD or MbR thesis have a look at our guide Adding a research output to PureYou can also email if you need help with the deposit. or have problems accessing Pure.

Why make your thesis available as an e-thesis?

Making your thesis available as an e-theses has many advantages.

  • Increased discoverability and access to your thesis. Your thesis will be searchable via search engines such as Google and harvested by external services such as the British Library EThOS  service.
  • Increased access to your thesis which should in turn should get more people reading your thesis  and get your work cited.
  • Colleagues, collaborators, job applications and grant proposals and publishers will be able to access your thesis.
  • If your research is funded and your funder requires your thesis to be published open access then making your theses available in ARC will satisfy your funder's  open access requirement.
  • Plagiarism protection.
  • Preservation of your thesis.

Are there any implications that I should consider when making my thesis available as an e-thesis?

The University encourages all researchers to make their research freely available at the earliest possible opportunity. However, there will be occasions when you need to restrict (embargo) access to your thesis for a period of time. For example, you may want to publish some papers from your thesis or your thesis contains sensitive or 3rd party copyright material. The FAQs below contain more information on when and how you can request an embargo on your thesis

Do you intend to publish material from your thesis?
Does your thesis contain personal or commercially sensitive material?
Are there any copyright implications that I should consider when making my PhD or MbR thesis available as an e-thesis?
Can I include PDFs of my published articles in my e-thesis?
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