Copying from a book

Copying instructions
  A4 to A4
  A4 to A3

Copying from a journal

Copying instructions
  A4 to A4
  A4 to A3
Copyright declaration
All requests must be accompanied by a copyright declaration with a written signature.
Please hand in the signed copyright declaration at the Library Service Point.
  • Please note this service is only available to readers who have been recommended by the University's Disability Adviser
  • The photocopy request form is for use only for items in stock at Abertay University library
  • Please complete the details below and submit your request
  • Print and sign the copyright declaration
  • Hand in your copyright declaration at the Support and Enquiry Zone (SEZ)
  • You must have sufficient funds on your Print + account to cover the cost of the copying.
  • Please submit only one request per form
  • Requests received by noon (weekdays only) will be available for collection by 5pm the same day
  • Requests submitted electronically will only be actioned once you have handed in your copyright declaration

  • Only 1 complete chapter or up to 5% of the whole work can be photocopied from a book or report.
  • Only 1 article may be photocopied from a single issue of a journal.
  • Users with a visual impairment or dyslexia may be permitted to photocopy larger amounts; please email for guidance
  • Boxes indicated by yellow background are compulsory