How does it work?

Integrated with MyLearningSpace, Leganto (the reading list software), allows users to easily create and organise reading lists how they choose. For example, reading lists can be created by organising items by importance ie Essential, Recommended, by topic, or by weekly readings.

Almost any type of resource can be added to a reading list: books, ebooks, journal articles, websites, digitised chapters etc linking the student directly to either the online resource, or live availability of print stock.

Editing your list

Each year, when MyLearningSpace rolls over, a copy of your reading list from last year is created for you to edit for the forthcoming term. Simply click on the 'Reading List' tile in your module to access it. If your teaching responsibilities have changed, you're new, or it's a new module, you may not have the relevant permissions to edit your list, in which case contact

Take a look at our short Leganto Guide to get started, follow the instructions below, or contact your Academic Librarian for assistance. The main points to remember when adding items to your list are:

  • To tag each item according to its importance, eg Essential. This helps us decide how many copies to purchase, and helps students to prioritise their reading. And,
  • Whenever you make a change, 'Send to Library'. This alerts us to any changes or additions so we can take any necessary action.
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Adding items to your list

The easiest way to add items to your list is from within Leganto. The search function searches LibrarySearch, so it's quick and easy to add books, articles etc:

  • Click ADD ITEMS at the top of your list 
  • Search by title, author, or search by keywords 
  • Click the item you want to add, choosing the correct edition
  • Choose the section you wish the item to be added to
  • Add 
  • Use the blue bar to the right of each item to drag and drop, if required.
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Digitised chapters

We'll do our best to make as much available online as possible, within license permissions. If a book is not available online, we may be able to digitise a particular chapter you wish the students to read.

If you would like a chapter digitised:

  • follow the instructions above to add a book
  • click on the item and go to Library Discussion (bottom right)
  • indicate which edition, chapter and page numbers you would like digitised
  • Submit Comment.

Remember, within copyright, we can only digitise one chapter or up to 10% of a title. If you would like your students to read more than one chapter, add a public note, eg Read Chapters 2-4.

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Adding new titles

If you would like to add a new book title to your list that we don't currently stock in the Library, follow the instruction below on adding a website:

  • add the new book recommendation as a webpage, eg from Amazon
  • Send List

Or, contact

Remember, if requesting new titles, please allow sufficient time for them to arrive in the Library before your students need them.

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Adding websites

As well as adding items to your reading list from the Library collection, you can link to websites inc. YouTube clips using a Leganto tool called Cite It!

  • drag and drop the Cite It! tool to your bookmarks toolbar (click on your initials at top right of your Leganto reading list)
  • navigate to your website of choice
  • click Cite It!
  • edit the details as required
  • add to your list

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Organising your list

Once you've added items to your list, there are a few other things to consider. This short video explains the following features:

  • moving items
  • adding and renaming sections
  • editing item details
  • adding tags
  • adding a Public Note
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Leganto guided tours

Leganto has in-built guided tours to take you through the stages of different tasks, eg adding an item. Guided tours currently available include:

  • Adding an item
  • Managing item tags
  • Adding a Public Note

If there is anything not included here that you would like to know more about, contact

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Submitting your list

When your list is complete, even if you haven't made any changes, Send List (top of list). This ensures that your changes are checked by library staff and sufficient copies ordered. We will also check for new editions and ebooks.

Changes can be made throughout the term and all changes you make to a list are instantly visible to students.  Just be mindful of time if adding print resources that we don't currently have.

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