Welcome to Information Services

An Introduction to the many services and resources offered by Information Services, introduce you to our team, and give you an overview of the University’s systems policies and procedures. There are also many links to further information on the University Intranet pages.

Information Services provides a wide range of ICT & Library services and support for all types of user.

The University has a diverse range of user groups with a mixture of requests, problems and issues, and Information Services endeavours to respond to, and resolve these in a timely manner.

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As a new member of staff IS will help you to:

  • Obtain your own unique username and password also know as your IT Account
  • Send and receive emails
  • Access a range of software packages

About IS

Support Process

ICT Support: - All requests for ICT assistance should be logged via the Service Desk, who will manage all support calls on behalf of the user to resolution and closure. If you are having a problem with a specific application you can check the Service Status Page first, this will indicate if there are already know issues.

ICT support comprises of two main elements:

First line support – The Service Desk provide this level of support and they can be contacted using

  • email,
  • online form or
  • telephone (x8888 critical issues only) or
  • in person, currently located in room 5528 Kydd Building
Second line support – If first line support are not able to resolve the issue or request then the call is functionally escalated to second line support. Second line support will deal with more in-depth support problems that may require more time and resources to resolve or to provide workarounds.
Information services is made of of a number of departments:

ICT Operational Service
Library Services
• CIS & Infrastructure Services

Your IT Account

You will be issued your IT Account (Username and Password) by IS Service Desk Staff prior to starting you employment, this will be your staff ID and temporary password until first login.

UsernameTile Image Account

  • ‌Your username is your staff number with your first initial (e.g N00000). Your username & password allows you to access all university systems including MyLearningSpace, E-mail, and the Intranet.‌


  • Your user account password is the first line of defence against unauthorised access to information stored on Abertay systems.
  • Minimum requirements to creating a strong password, which are considerably harder to break.
  • More information on password guidelines…

My Abertay

My Abertay - Provides a dashboard to University Systems and services

Staff Directory

Staff Directory  To search for a member of staff, you will need to enter either, forename, surname, role or extension number.

You should check your profile details and amend them if required, this information will be updated by HR.  You can edit your own Staff profile.


The Support Enquiry Zone (SEZ) provides a single point of initial contact for students who require information, help and advice about any aspect of University life. Staff at our ‘one stop shop’ will be able to help with many types of requests immediately but if more specialist support is required we will put you in direct contact with a member of staff or team who can.

Password Guidance

Keep your password safe

Remember: No member of University staff, IT support or otherwise, will require you to disclose your password.
If you reveal your password to someone who is not authorised to access university facilities, you will be in breach of the University Regulations and liable to disciplinary proceedings.

Password Expiry

  • Your password will expire every 120 days, and you will be warned of this in advance if you log on to a University PC.
  • If you are accessing the Intranet off campus, you won't be warned about a password expiry, therefore you can use http://selfservice.abertay.ac.uk.

Register for Password Self Service

  • To allow continual access to your account, please register now and setup your security questions to enable you to reset your own password should you forget it or if it has expired.

What if I forget my password?

  • You must use the Self service password reset facility at https://selfservice.abertay.ac.uk/ 
  • If you want to visit the Support Enquiry Zone on Level 1 of the Library in person, you must bring your staff card with you, otherwise we will not be able to confirm your identify and we will not be able to change your password. Full instructions can be found here.

To change your network password on campusCtrldel

  • Log on to the network using your current password.
  • Press Ctrl , Alt and Delete together. The Windows Security box will appear.
  • Click on Change password.
  • Enter your old password followed by the new password you have chosen, and then confirm it ensuring both
  • entries are identical. Click on OK.
  • A message will appear telling you the change has been accepted.
Storage & Off Campus Access to Files

Home Drive

  • It is recommended that you save your work onto your network M:\ drive, known as your home drive or to another network drive which may be shared, as IS back these up on a regular basis.
  • If you ever delete a file by accident and have saved it to the network the IS Service Desk will be able to help.

Personal Devices

  • If you use a personal device such as a laptop, iPad or tablet, your files are not backed up unless you transfer these via MyFiles or USB.
  • When using personal devices be aware you are responsible to protect these with anti-virus software.

Off campus access

How do I access my data off campus?

Using a system called My Files, staff and students can access their data off campus from any internet connected device.

Go to myfiles.abertay.ac.uk and login in using your normal network user ID and password - remember to use your full User ID in the format  n000000@uad.ac.uk

For more information on using My Files, refer to our MyFiles guide

My 365

Office 365 is Microsoft's Office Apps on the web, allowing you access anywhere to your University email and calendar, plus offering file creation and editing using Office web apps from your web browser, on your PC and mobile devices.

Install the latest Office 2016 on your personal device

Teaching and Learning Systems



What is MyLearningSpace?

MyLearningSpace (Brightspace) is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) used at Abertay University. Supplied by Desire2Learn, MyLearningSpace is accessed either via the Intranet links or directly at: https://mylearningspace.abertay.ac.uk


MyLearningSpace provides students with access to learning materials and activities online. You can also access MLS from a mobile device (such as a mobile phone or tablet). This can be done either with the device’s web browser or by downloading the Pulse App

Courses are created in MyLearningSpace for modules of study automatically by IS. Materials are added by academics and administrative staff who have been provided with access. 

If you need access to a MyLearningSpace, send a request to IS Service Desk

The Technology Enhanced Learning Support (TELS) team regularly hold training sessions on tools within MyLearningSpace for best practise for course design.



Originality reports, Online marking and Peer Review. Turnitin

‌We recommend that you use through MyLearningSpace i.e. students submit their work directly to Turnitin through a link in MyLearningSpace and Lecturers access the originality reports through that same MyLearningSpace link in this section you will find guides for both methods of using Turnitin.

There are also useful web-links that contain videos and other resources on plagiarism detection.‌Turnitin UK is a web-based service that electronically checks submitted documents against a database of both current and archived material, which includes‌previously submitted student papers.  After searching the content of internet sources, books, newspapers and journals from both academic and professional sources, Turnitin creates an originality report for each submission.



What is an e-portfolio? 

An e-portfolio is a purposeful collection of digital items, such as ideas, evidence, reflections and feedback, which presents a selected audience with evidence of a person's learning and/or ability.  PebblePad+ is the e-portfolio system used within Abertay University. It supports personal learning whilst providing a powerful suite of customisable tools to improve learning in the University context.

You can use PebblePad to record, reflect, review, discuss and share your thoughts, feelings, achievements and plans related to any aspect of your learning - formal or informal, institutional or social. You can record your items directly or add multimedia files then arrange, annotate, submit or present these online as you choose.

Learning Objects

The Technology Enhanced Learning Support (TELS) team has a range of software they can use to help teaching staff create online learning objects.

  • Camtasia – Screen recording and annotation/voice-over tool for making software demonstrations and walkthroughs and quizzes (Example)

  • Articulate – create interactive tutorials from PowerPoint (Example)

  • Storyline – full featured e-learning creation tool (this tutorial is an example)

  • Xerte – open source tool for creating learning objects (Example)

The team is also experienced with iOS apps for content creation e.g. iMovie. 


The Technology Enhanced Learning Support (TELS) team regularly hold training sessions on the above Teaching and Learning Applications.

Corporate Systems


Student Record System, SITS: Vision.

  • SITS: Vision is software that manages all student administrative processes, from initial enquiry through to graduation.

  • This involves evaluating procedures and validating data held presently to ensure they are as accurate as possible.

  • Some changes are processed by SEZ staff and to this end, student records officers must maintain regular contact to identify flaws in processing of the requests and act to ensure satisfactory procedures are in place.

  • Request Access to SITS


Online Abertay Student Information System

  • OASIS is a web based facility for Abertay students to access their student record as well as complete crucial tasks like registration and graduation.

  • Module Information along with Module Grades are also held in OASIS.

  • Staff can use OASIS to lookup students, module class lists and student support plans.

Financial Systems

  • APTOS records and processes all of the University’s expenditure, assets and liabilities.

  • Financial Reporting Excel add-in, AptosEAS. AptosEAS enables users working in Excel real-time access to the information held in Aptos.

  • Contact Finance to request access to Aptos via your Line Manager

Timetabling System

  • CELCAT is an interactive timetabling system that is used to schedule courses and classes.

  • To book a room contact Timetables

ESS (Employee Self Service)

Human Resources System - 

  • ESS is software to manage all staff related information.

  • The Self Service System will allow staff to complete certain processes online, these include updating your personal details, booking annual leave and accessing your online payslip.