How to access MyAbertay

On-CampusTile Image MyAbertay

  • Select the Internet browser on your PC, MyAbertay portal will appear as your default homepage.


  • Type in the address bar 

Off Campus

  • will take you to a sign in page, enter your Username ( and Password then click sign in.

How to personalise MyAbertay Dashboard

The new MyAbertay dashboard allows you to personalise and customise your page.  To do this, select the ‘Personalise’ button.

Within the personalise window you can:

  • Move the location of the tiles
  • Change the tile colour, gradient and size
  • Hide unwanted tiles
  • Add in optional/hidden tiles
By default a number of tiles are already available but some are hidden. View the tile guide to see which tiles are available for use.

Customising Tiles

To move a tile

Select the ‘Personalise’ button, hover over the tile you would like to move, click and drag the tile to the location you would like it to be, then the tile should drop into the new space.

Customise the tile

If you would like to customise the tile such as the colour and/or size. Select the ‘Personalise’ button, locate the tile you would like to change and select the cog button on the tile.

To hide a tile

To hide the tile, click on the personalise button, find the tile you would like to hide and select the hide button.  The tiles that you hide, will then be moved to a list under the ‘Hidden’ tab on the right hand side as shown below.

Once you have hidden the tiles you need to select ‘Save Changes’.

To unhide a tile

Go to the ‘Hidden’ tab on the right hand side and click on the tile you would like to reinstate onto the dashboard. The tile will then appear within the space it was originally before being hidden.

Social Media Feeds

You have a link to Abertay social media feeds - Facebook & Twitter and each of these can be customised in the same way as the tiles, by selecting personalise while viewing the page. 

Viewing your Office 365 applications (Mail, Calendar & Tasks)


You can access your email via the dashboard menu on the left or by selecting the Mail tile. This will open your office365 email. 


View your calendar in MyAbertay, by day, week, month.

Your calendar will also show your programme timetable if you have this linked in your Office 365 Calendar.

Banner Slider and Newsroom

There are different ways MyAbertay can help communicate news throughout the University to staff and students.  The Banner Slider can be regularly updated to push out timely announcements and the Newsroom allows you to subscribe/unsubscribe to news you want to see.


The newsroom is where you can manage news feeds.  The newsroom displays news based on internal (myAbertay) feeds and subscribed external feeds.  The newsroom also displays latest news stories on the live tile on the dashboard.

Installing MyAbertay (myDay) mobile app

MyAbertay is available as a mobile application, for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Free to install directly from the app store on iPhone and Android, requiring a single login at first use, MyAbertay mobile is optimised for convenience.

The MyAbertay app will show the following information:

• Balances – Print balance, fees, accommodation etc. (student only)

• Mail & Calendar - from Office 365 calendar

• Library

• News – from Newsroom

• MyLearningSpace/Oasis – no sign on required

Whilst MyAbertay is responsive and will change to the smaller screen size for tablets and mobile phones, the key reason for the app is for push notification support. Personalisation is not available via the mobile app.

More more detailed Instruction on the above use our MyAbertay User Guide

Video Guide