What is Office 365?

Office 365 is Microsoft's Office Apps on the web, allowing you access anywhere to your University email, calendar and contacts (students only), plus offering file creation and editing using Office web apps from your web browser, on your PC and mobile devices.

Staff and Students should go to the login page to access the Office 365 home page. 

These key features are outlined below.


Get the latest Microsoft Office

You can get the latest Microsoft Office 2016 for your personal computer or mobile devices, free of charge. 

Guide to installing Office 365 (Pro Plus)


Email and Calendar

Students Only

Feature rich web browser access to your University email, calendar and contacts.

A Guide to setting up your email on an Android Device

A Guide to setting up your email on an Apple Device


OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is personal cloud storage provided free of charge from Microsoft for storing course-related documents and material.

Please note: 

- OneDrive for Business is not intended for long-term, secure and recoverable storage of Data generated during the course of funded research.

- As per the University’s Guidelines and Policy on Management of Research Data "any data collected as part of research should be stored in designated University network file spaces, to ensure that it is suitably protected against unauthorised access and is routinely backed up."

- The University provides a secure data storage service - the ‘R: Drive’ – specifically for research data, and further information on this service is available here

- In addition, OneDrive for Business should only be used to store data that can appropriately be viewed by anyone i.e. it should not be used to store private or confidential documents. Further information can be found in the Data Storage Policy

How to get access to OneDrive for Business 


Mobile Apps

Keep in touch with whilst on the go.

For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad: How to download Office Mobile for Office 365 from the App Store

Android: How to download Office Mobile for Office 365 from Google Play

Google Play

Windows: Windows phone will have MS Word & Excel pre installed.


Other features


The Office 365 Newsfeed is a lot like Twitter or Facebook.  Keep up-to-daye with conversations among your colleagues/peers, and to see other updates about their activities. The “Following” view of the newsfeed generally contains items that you’re likely to find most relevant and interesting. Here you primarily see posts created by people you’re following, and posts relating to other content you’re following, such as topics of interest and documents. In addition to the “Following” view, you might occasionally be interested in browsing the “Everyone” view, the organisation-wide newsfeed.  Your newsfeed messages can include, photos, Youtube clips and links. More...

delve Delve

Check out your personalised feed of relevant documents. What you see is based on what you and your colleagues are working on.  You can easily find colleagues to learn more about them and what they're working on. More...

video365 Video

Office 365 Video is an intranet website portal where people in your organisation can post and view videos. It's a streaming video service for your organization that is a lot like YouTube. It's a great place to share videos of executive communications or recordings of classes, meetings, presentations, or training sessions, for example. Office 365 Video displays a thumbnail image of each video on the site. You just select a thumbnail to view a particular video. More...