At times, you may wish to access and borrow resources from other libraries. There are a number of reciprocal schemes with local and national libraries available to staff and students should you wish to do so. Details of these can be found below.

Dundee University

We have a reciprocal agreement with Dundee University allowing Abertay staff and students to borrow books and consult other items held at any of Dundee University's libraries.

There may be restrictions on some borrowing material and you will have limited access to their electronic resources.  Their catalogue is available online should you wish to search their collection.

To join Dundee University library you must not have any outstanding fines or overdue books with us.  You should apply to use Dundee University library through SCONUL Access. Once your application has been authorsied you should complete the online membership form for SCONUL Access users and then take your SCONUL Access authorisation email and your Abertay ID card to the Library. For full membership information see Dundee University's web site.

Abertay staff and students may borrow up to 6 items at a time. You must agree to abide by Dundee University Library's regulations, which differ from our own. The University of Abertay Library acts as guarantor for our staff and students. If you fail to return Dundee University books the debt will be transferred to us and could affect your access to the library here and ultimately lead to a referral to a debt collection agency.

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Other local libraries

We have reciprocal agreements with the institutions listed below and you may also join Dundee community libraries or the NHS library at Kings Cross.

To join 

Apply to join through SCONUL Access. Once your application has been authorised take your student card and authorisation email to the library. You will be able to borrow up to 6 books, although there will be restrictions on borrowing certain high demand titles.
To join

Take your Student Card to the library that you wish to join and complete their membership application form ensuring all outstanding debts with Abertay Library are cleared first. Different libraries offer different services, so please check details before you join.

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SCONUL Access is a reciprocal service supported by most of the Higher Education institutions in the UK. It gives placement, distance learning or part time students, postgraduate students, researchers and staff borrowing rights at other member libraries. Full time undergraduate students can be given reference access only at most institutions, although Dundee and St Andrews universities will allow all Abertay staff and students to borrow, once authorised. Institutions allow different levels of access and may restrict membership for some categories of user, so you need to check the details for the library you wish to join.

You can apply to use the scheme online at You will need to state what type of course you are on (full time undergraduate, placement, part time postgraduate etc.); that you are a student at University of Abertay and you will need to select an institution that you would like to use. You need only apply once even if you wish to use multiple libraries. Your application will be forwarded to us for approval and you should receive a response within 3 working days. Users with any outstanding library debt (overdue books or fines) can not be authorised for the scheme.

The University of Abertay library acts as guarantor for our staff and students. If you fail to return books borrowed under the SCONUL Access agreement the debt will be transferred to us and could affect your access to facilities and ultimately your ability to graduate.

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Dundee Central Library

Membership of Dundee Central Library is free to anyone living or studying in Dundee.

The library is located in the Wellgate and full details of its opening hours can be found online. You can use your University of Abertay student card to join the Library. Just show this to the library staff and there is no need to fill in any additional forms.

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