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View top scholarly journals using BrowZine! BrowZine is a browsable newsstand of the library’s top journals. Easily discover, read, and monitor the key journals in your field.

What is BrowZine?

BrowZine is a tool which allows you to easily browse, read, and keep up-to-date with current scholarly journal content on any device.  The desktop version of BrowZine is fully integrated with LibrarySearch to enhance your journal browsing experience and it is also available as a free app.  It works by bringing together high-quality current titles from the Library's journal subscriptions with Open Access titles into a streamlined platform.  You can browse by subject, search by title, view tables of contents, read articles and much more!  You can create a personal account in order to add your favourite journals to your Bookshelf and save articles to read later. 

BrowZine is a great way to browse journals and keep up-to-date with new research in your area of study.  It is not designed for article searching so you should still go to LibrarySearch when you want to search for content.

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How do I access BrowZine?

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