Neither Abertay nor Dundee University Library provides access to the complete set of British Standards. If you need to find a standard, you have several options:

  • Construction Information Service 
    Includes many British Standards and Eurocodes. This resource is limited to one user at a time, so please log out when you have finished, and if you don't get in first time, try again later. Please note you are only allowed to print out up to 5% of the British Standards held in CIS for your own collection.
  • LibrarySearch 
    We do stock a small number of standards in printed format, so always check the catalogue.
  • British Standards Online 
    NOT a full-text resource, but you can check titles here, and also whether the standard is current, withdrawn, superseded etc.
  • Interlibrary loans 
    It is possible to use the Interlibrary Loan scheme to obtain copies of British Standards. You will need to note down the Standard Number, title and date of publication.