Evaluate your results

Make sure you’re only using good sources. This is especially important if you are using any webpages. Consider the CRAAP test:

Currency How recent was it posted or updated? Are all the links up-to-date and working? Broken links may signal that the site is out-of-date.
Relevance Does it address your needs? Think of your topic and the intended audience of both the webpage and your own document.
Authority Who wrote it and/or published it? Have they written elsewhere on this topic? Are they qualified and unbiased? For example, a study about the benefits of corn syrup that’s funded by the makers of corn syrup perhaps is not the best source.
Accuracy  Is the information in the source correct? Are there facts and figures to back up claims?  If there are any obvious errors, it’s best not to use it.
Purpose Why was the information created and published? Does the information reflect the views of the organization, or only of the author? Is it intended to inform or to persuade the target audience? Consider who funded or published the page.