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What is Skype for Business?

Skype for Business is a unified communications platform available to all staff and students that enables instant messaging, audio & video conferencing and online meetings. Benefits of using it include:

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Instant Messaging, Contacts & Presence

This is the main benefit of Skype for Business. Instant Messaging is an excellent way to quickly connect with colleagues in your organisation, or friends who have a skype account. 'Presence' is also a very handy feature can tell you if the person you are contacting is online, away from their desk, or offline. The status is linked to your Outlook profile so if you have an Out of Office set on your account then it will display on the recipients Skype. Your Outlook calendar is also linked so that when someone tried to contact you, they will see that you are unavailable as you are in a meeting.  IM Conversations are saved into an email Conversation History folder for future reference (unless otherwise stated in Skype options).

Download our Skype for Business Quick Guide which focuses on IM, Contacts & Presence

Audio or Video Calls

If you have a microphone, a headset and a webcam attached to your computer, you can use Skype for Business to make and receive audio and video calls.

View our quick guide for Video


You can schedule a Skype for Business meeting directly within your Outlook email. These meetings can use video as well as audio, and they also allow all participants to collaborate through screen sharing.

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Successful Skype Meetings

Sharing and Collaborating

Share files with your colleagues, let them see what you are working on, or even give them control of your screen

View our quick guide for Skype Sharing and Collaborating

Audio setup and making calls

To make and answer video calls, follow these steps to setup your audio device and test the quality.

View our quick guide for Audio Setup and making Calls

How to access Skype for Business

To access Skype for Business from your PC, click on the Start button choose 'All programs' - 'Microsoft Office' and select 'Skype for Business'

To login to Skype you will need to click on the ‘options’ button (looks like a cog), select ‘File’, then select ‘Change Sign-In Address’ (as shown below) Please note this only has to be done the first time you open Skype.

Skype 3 

Then enter your full username as (username)


Additional Guides

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