Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is a video streaming platform from Microsoft. It is available to all staff and students at the University through your Office365 account. Open MS Stream.

You can use this to upload, store, play and share videos you have created (in the same way you can to YouTube).  You can upload most video file formats. (Video file formats accepted by Stream).

Recordings from MS Teams are stored in MyContent in MS Stream.



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Developing Online Content

Before you begin creating content in Microsoft Stream, we'd like to share some best practice advice from Dr Paul Robertson Lecturer Division of Games Technology and Mathematics in the School of Design and Informatics. In his video, Paul discusses best practice approaches for developing online content.

Paul has worked on Future Learn content for Abertay and provides us some fabulous tips regarding recording and speaking to camera and recommendations on preferred length of recordings.

Microsoft Stream Video Guides

The following video guides are designed to help you with using and working with Microsoft Stream and Microsoft Teams.  Videos below include: Recording your Teams Meeting, Downloading Video from Stream, Basic Editing in Microsoft Stream, Adding Auto-generated Captions, Sharing & Embedding in MyLearningSpace.

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Recording Your Teams Meeting

The following video demonstrates how you can record your Microsoft Teams Meetings so the video recording can be accessed in Microsoft Stream.

Video Editing in Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream has a basic video editor. This video shows you how to carry out basic edits.

Adding Auto-Generated Captions in Microsoft Stream

This video demonstrates how auto-generated captions for your video can be generated in Microsoft Stream.

Downloading Your Video from Microsoft Stream

This video shows you how to download your video from Microsoft Stream.

Sharing and Embedding your Video in MyLearningSpace

This updated video demonstrates how to set permissions for sharing and embedding your Microsoft Stream videos and demonstrates how to bring your content into MyLearningSpace.

Please be very careful to ensure your students can view your videos by ensuring the correct permissions have been selected and applied before sharing the video to MyLearningSpace.


Making Short Recordings in Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream has the capability to make short video recordings of your screen and Screen and Camera together, of up to 15 Minutes. For best results use a headset microphone when recording your voice.

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