Manage your Calendar

‌The mode in which you're viewing the calendar is read to assistive technology devices as part of the Heading 1 on the calendar page. You can configure your calendar to display in Day, Week, Month, Agenda, or List view.‌
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For learners with visual impairment, the List view displays all events from your active course calendars in chronological order. You can filter the List view by event type. ‌

The Agenda view groups course events from your active course calendars by date, course, or type. Events appear in chronological order and all-day events display at the top of each grouped listing.

To view more details about the event, click an event's name. If the list contains more items than fit on the page, 
a Load More link appears as the last entry on the list.

To append more items to the list, click the link.



View and Review Content

700 x 618When you access a course's Content tool for the first time, the first page you land on is the Overview, which instructors might use to post the course syllabus and introductory material. You can print and download a course syllabus directly from the Overview page. If your instructor has left the Overview blank you will not see it listed and you will land on the Table of Contents. 

The Module Schedule page lists course material due dates, start dates, end dates, overdue course activities, and all events within the course from the Calendar tool for the next seven days. The number of overdue items in the course appears in red. Course events are also listed in the Calendar tool.Topics you bookmark appear in a list on the Bookmarks page. The number beside the Bookmarks link indicates how many bookmarks you have.

The Table of Contents panel lists all units available in your course. If numbers appear beside each Unit name in the Table of Contents panel it indicates that topics are being tracked for completion, and that you have a number of topics you have not accessed.

Print your course outline, or navigate to a module's landing page to print a module's outline.‌


Navigate Discussions

Create a discussion thread  600 x 610
  • To create a discussion thread On the navbar, click Discussions.
  • Click the topic where you want to create a thread.
  • Click Start a New Thread.
  • Enter a subject.
  • Enter your post.
  • Set any of the following posting options:
    • To keep the thread at the top of the list, select Pin Thread.
    • To post anonymously, select Post as Anonymous.
    • To receive updates on the thread using your selected notification method, select Subscribe to this thread.
    • To attach a file, in the Attachments area, click Browse to locate the file that you want to attach.
    • To attach an audio recording, in the Attachments area, click Record Audio > Record.  To make adjustments to your microphone selection and volume, click Flash Settings. To listen to your recording, click Play. To erase your recording, click Clear. If you have prerecorded audio and are using a supported browser, you can drag audio files onto the attachments upload target.
    • To attach a video recording, in the Attachments area, click Record Video > Allow > Record. When you finish recording, click Stop. To erase your recording, click Clear. To add the recording, click Add. If you have pre-recorded video and are using a supported browser, you can drag video files onto the attachments upload target.
    • To post your thread to more than one topic, click Post to other topics. Click Add Topics. Select the topics that you want your thread to appear in. To post in every topic simultaneously, select the Select All check box and then click Add Topics.
  • Click Post. If the topic is moderated, your post does not appear until a moderator approves it.



Taking a Quiz

MLSQuizzesOn the navbar, click The Quizzes iconQuizzes. ‌