Logging into MyLearningSpace

  1. Open your preferred browser. Browsers
  2. If you are logged into a University Computer, you can click on the link provided on the MyAbertay Dashboard. 
    This link can be found in the top right-hand side of your homepage. This should automatically log you in. 
    If you are not on a University computer, or are having trouble with the link: type in this web address - www.mylearningspace.abertay.ac.uk
  3. Note: If you have logged in through a University computer, you do not need to do this step. Enter your user ID in the username field. You then need to enter your password (the same as the one you use to log in to University computers). Finally, click on Log In.

MyLearningSpace Organisation Navigation 

At the top of the MyLearningSpace homepage, you will see an organisation navigation bar.

800 x 46

65 x 50 The waffle icon allows you to see all the modules you are enrolled in. By clicking on a particular module, it will then take you to that module’s homepage.
65 x 50 There is a subscription alert icon, which notifies you when another post has been made in discussion page you are subscribed to.
65 x 50 The update alerts icon will notify you whenever there has been an update to MyLearningSpace. This section will also tell you when new content has been added to a module.
150 x 50 The final area within the organisation level navigation bar is your profile area. Here you can update your profile settings, change your notification settings, change your account settings and also log out.
MyLearningSpace Homepage
My Module Homepage

MyLearningSpace Organisation Navigation Tutorials

MyLearningSpace Profile - edit personal photo, Contact information, Social Networks

From your username on the minibar, you can make changes to your user profile, notifications, account settings, and log out.

  • On the minibar, click your username.

Profile   150 x 209

  1. Click a setting:

    Note: Depending on your permissions and what tools are enabled, additional settings may appear.  300 x 313

    • Profile - change settings for your profile picture, contact information, social networks, education information, work 
    • information, and personal information.

    • Notifications - change settings for email and mobile contact information, summary of course activity, specific tool notifications such as grades and quizzes, custom notifications, and course exclusions. 

    • Account Settings - change settings for fonts, dialogs, HTML Editor, reading, video, locale and languages, pseudo-localization, signing in, application, Brightspace Binder, discussions, email, and metadata.
    • Log Out - log out of Brightspace Learning Environment.

Note - you cannot change your email address and password


Navigating your module

Finding your modules

From MyLearningSpace homepage you can access your modules from the MyModules widget,

400 x 329


Select the Waffle icon fromthe NavBar,

800 x 61

If you know your module name/code type it into the Search box, if your modules are listed you can pin most accessed courses to the top of your list by selecting the pin beside the module, this moves the module to the top of the list.

500 x 197

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Account Settings

MyLearningSpace has a good range of options to allow you to customise your account settings to reflect your personal preferences.



In MyLearningSpace you can control how you receive information about course activity by editing you notification preferences.


Develop comfort navigating the common elements of MyLearningSpace.

Pulse App

MyLearningSpace Pulse app allows you to keep up-to-date with newsfeed updates, class discussions and programme announcements, including when grades are available, while on the go. Download the Pulse App. 

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