(Previously known as MS IT Academy)

The University has a subscription to access e-learning materials from Microsoft's Imagine Academy for all members of the University. The Microsoft Imagine Academy Online Learning Program is a web-based resource for both students and staff.

Microsoft E-Learning allows you to learn at your own pace in your own time with flexible, interactive and rich online content.

There are range of courses offered, a selection of Windows (8.1 & 7), the latest Office applications, Office 10 and Microsoft 365 courses are available below.

These courses are free to University staff and students.

Using this service  

MSIA PosterThis service can be used by all students and staff.

You do not need to register for this service. You can download the course catalogue below to access the Imagine Academy content, 

MSIA Online Learning Directory (OneNote) 

MSIA Online Learning Directory (Excel)

Getting help

For assistance with this service, please contact n.mcbride@abertay.ac.uk

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Further information

To learn more, we suggest you take a look at the Microsoft Certification roadmap which details all the skills development and certification paths available.

* Microsoft Imagine Academy Program Update 1st October 2018 *

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are available in the new Online Learning experience?

Course can content can be downloaded above

What changed on October 1st?

Effective October 1st, 2018, all online learning on the Microsoft Imagine Academy Member Site has been refreshed with new content and a new experience that creates a more cohesive learning environment. To make way for these changes we have modified how we resource online learning content and how it is accessed by our member educators and students.  Microsoft Imagine Academy’s online learning management platform and its related Admin and Student dashboards have been retired, so students and educators no longer have access to courses on the old online learning platform. Any online learning courses not fully completed by students before October 1, 2018 are no longer accessible. 

How does this change impact learners engaged in online learning on MSIA’s current LMS?

As of October 1st, students no longer have access to courses currently hosted on MSIA’s existing online learning platform and must access their content via our new MSIA experience. Therefore, any online learning courses not fully completed by that time are no longer accessible and any progress is lost. Students should have completed their courses and downloaded their transcript before October 1st, 2018 and should move over to the course as hosted on the new platform.

Why is Microsoft making this change and why in October 2018?

Microsoft is committed to providing the best in learning content to our customers as well as online experiences that are accessible and easy-to-use. In response to customer feedback, we have created a more unified experience using OneNote, which creates a cohesive story around each course.
While it is never easy to pick an implementation date that aligns well with a worldwide program and global academic audience, it was decided to implement this improvement as soon as engineering work could be completed.

How long are the new Online Learning courses/What is the timing?

Video durations are listed with each Online Learning video description.

Can students track their course progress in an Online Learning course?

No. If a student starts a course and does not finish the course, they will have to start from beginning or remember where they left off to resume the course.

Do my students need a Microsoft account or O365 to access the videos?

No, learners no longer need to authenticate themselves with a sign-in credential to access the videos.