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Your Honours Dissertation is a substantial piece of independent academic research. It provides an opportunity for students to explore and develop knowledge in a specific area of academic interest.Tile Image Schools

Accordingly, a dissertation/research module helps develop skills in conducting business related research and academic writing, and detailed knowledge and understanding of the selected topic area.

This also provides an opportunity to apply or draw on the knowledge gained throughout the degree programme.

How your 7 employability skills will help:

  • Self Management – Meet deadlines for coursework meetings etc. Give yourself enough time for feedback.
  • Team Working – Working with your supervisor, being able to listen to comments and improve your work based on them.
  • Business and Customer Awareness – Research on a certain topic will make you be more aware of what companies are involved with the research, how they operate and know what drives customer trends etc.
  • Problem Solving –Analytical thinking of how the dissertation will be conducted and finding the most appropriate route to take and research to do.
  • Communication and Literacy – Writing of a large essay, with research you will conduct interviews, focus groups and questionnaires etc.
  • Application of Numeracy – Accurately calculate statistics of research findings.
  • Application of Digital Skills –All information must be produced on a form of media and contact with supervisors and interviewees will probably be through e-mail or e-portfolios systems for feedback.

Use these guides to help achieve the above.

Formatting your Dissertation - The Essentials

You should be already referencing the Abertay Style Guide when writing reports, essays etc using the guide to complete a well presented piece of work.  The guide is useful throughout you time as a student at Abertay along with these templates to make things a little easier if you wish to use them.

The Essentials:

  • Text formatting,
  • Working with images,
  • Using breaks
  • Using styles to produce a table of contents and table of figures/tables with automatic feature,
  • Title page and structure guidance

Abertay Style Guide

Project Template

APA Guidance (Psychology Students only)

APA formatting in reports is slightly different to general, the differences are with the below:

  • Line Spacing: 1.5
  • Font: San serif e.g Arial, Tahoma, Verdana
  • Size: 12pt
  • APA Heading Styles:
  • Heading 1 - Bold, Centred, 1.5 line space
  • Heading 2 - Italics, left align, 1.5 line spaced
  • Heading 3 - Italics, Indented, full stop after heading and paragraph continues on the same line.
  • Paragraphs - First line to be indented
  • Use automatic captions for Images, Graphs, Tables etc.
    • Table captions go above table, Image captions go below image

For guidance on any of the above see the above guides.


Video Guides

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