What is your Digital Footprint?

It’s the data that you leave behind when using the internet, it is very hard to take down, therefore it is like a digital tattoo – semi permanent.

Information such as:
We have an Active and a Passive footprint, an Active footprint is one where you post information, photos etc and Passive is what others post or write about you.

Professional Social Media Platforms
Privacy & Location Settings
Employers & Social Media


The web is full of ‘lurkers’ (observers)!

A group of 100 people online
160 x 95
  • 1 will create content,
  • 10 will "interact" with it (commenting or liking content)

Activity : Google yourself to see what shines!

Golden Rules

  • Get rid of old accounts you no longer use
    • MySpace
    • Bebo
    • Do you want your thoughts as a 15 year old displayed for all to see?
  • Privacy settings change regularly
  • Hosting images in ‘the cloud’
  • Do not put your birth date, phone number, or address on your open profile
  • Think carefully about your profile picture
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