Navigating Your Module

Upon entering a module, you will see something similar to the illustration here.


Page Header - Notice that even within a module, the page header area will remain no matter where you are in Blackboard.

Breadcrumb Area - Will show you a trail of where you are in your module and you can use this to return to the previous page or you can use the back button of the web browser.

Course Menu - Located on the left and may vary from school to school

Content Frame - To the right of the Course Menu will display course content such as folders, files, web links etc. When you click on a menu item on the left, the area to the right changes.

Most modules will open to an area called Notifications. This page displays module announcements from your tutor, My Calendar, To Do and What's New.

Your tutor may choose to modify the Notifications page or link you directly to the Learning Resources content area. The small house icon in the Course Menu area will take you back to the entry page for your module.

We will explore the Course Menu and content window in the next few screens.

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Course Menu



Once you have entered a Blackboard course, you will always be able to see a list of buttons or links down the left hand side of the screen. This is known as the Course Menu.

 Use these buttons or text links to access and view various areas of the course. Each Course Menu may vary slightly and have different sets of tools available depending on your school's preference.

Tutors customarily will group related items together under a particular navigation link. For example, tutor personal homepage and module handbook will be found in a section called Module Information. Lecture notes might be found under a link titled Learning Resources or Module Resources.

Within these areas you will typically find your assigned learning materials in the form of text, graphics, and files.

At the top of the Course Menu is a set of icons that can be used to change the Course Menu.

Button info

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Content and Folders

Types of content you will find in Blackboard

As a student in Blackboard, when you click on a link or button found in the Course Menu, such as Learning Resources, a variety of content types will be displayed in the content frame. For example, you might see some text and graphics, links to files, links to Web sites, and even folders, which contain more content.




Folders in Blackboard work in much the same way they do in other computer applications and even like paper file folders. Blackboard folders are containers that hold information or more folders.

Just like a physical file folder, you must open the folder first to view the items within. You open a folder in Blackboard by clicking on its title. You will see the breadcrumb trail lengthen with the folder name once inside. An example of folders is displayed in the image here.



Links to other web sites

Within your course, you may encounter links to Web sites that are external to Blackboard. There are two ways in which your tutor may set up a link for you to follow:

In general, Web links are typically displayed in blue, underlined text. Links can open inside the content frame or they can open in a new window. Your tutor will set this function when the link is added to the course.


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