Abertay Library Services have developed this style guide to support both experienced writers and those of us who feel are just beginning our University journey and are less experienced in writing for academic purposes. One of the ways the guide will help will be to create a clear and consistent formatting technique to be used by students writing coursework or final year dissertations. This is only a guide and may differ slightly with each school. Please check your module handbook for differences.

The tips within the guide will make your documents more inclusive, giving a professional feel to communications. We hope the guide becomes a reference point for all writers, building your skills and increasing your confidence in order to build on our professional reputation. Just for completeness, we have included a section on common mistakes in spelling and punctuation. We hope you find it useful, but if you can think of any ways to make it even better – please let us know..

Abertay Style Guide

Coursework Submission

Electronic Submission of Coursework Guidance